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Trampoline and tumbling (TNT) classes are a fun way to get in shape.  The classes are designed to teach tumbling skills on floor and trampoline.

Many children are not build for gymnastics.  Children who are tall and thin or heavy have a hard time in many sports but can excel in trampoline.  It is a great way for children to get exercise and increase their athletic ability.  We have many children who have tried other sports and have not found success.  When they start trampoline they find their niche.  The physical change that takes place is incredible.

Trampoline and tumbling is an olympic sport with three events: (1) trampoline, (2) double mini trampoline, and (3) power tumbling.

We have general (recreational) TNT classes and also have a high-level competitive program for athletes who want to progress and compete in this discipline.  Athletes compete levels 1 through 10 and may be at different levels on each of the three events.  The competition season begins in January and runs through May.  Our TNT team attends State, Regional and National competitions.

We also offer separate power tumbling classes for students who are interested in improving tumbling skills for cheerleading.  Our equipment includes a 40 foot power tumbling rod floor into an in-ground foam pit and a 36 foot tumble-trak that dismounts to a resi pit.


TNT events

  • Trampoline
  • Double Mini Trampoline
  • Tumbling