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About us

Steve Voisard
owner and head coach

Steve has more than 30 years of coaching experience.  He has coached one Olympian, 2 World Championship team members, 12 National Team members; is on our National Team coaching staff; has coached 5 USAG National champions and has been a FIG* certified international judge.  A graduate of the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse, Steve holds a B.S. in both Physical Education and Health.  He is Safety Certified through USA Gymnastics.

*FIG:  Federation of International Gymnastics

Our goals

  • to provide each child with a fun and safe learning experience
  • to help each child develop to their fullest athletic potential
  • to use proper technique and progressions in all levels of training to ensure maximum skill development and safety at all times

Why gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a foundational sport for all athletic movement.  It develops strength, flexibility, coordination, air awareness, balance, power, grace, speed, agility and more, which are the fundamental building blocks for other sports.

Employment opportunities

If you are interested in a coaching position at Floria Flips, fill out an employment application and attach a short resume'.

Achievements we smile about...Chris Cameron

Chris Cameron earned a full gymnastics scholarship to the University of Michigan out of Florida Flips.  He was on the Senior Men's National Team and went on to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado after graduation from college.

Steve Voisard, owner and head coach.