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Our preschool program is appropriate for children beginning around age three until they enter the first grade.  We do not use gender-specific apparatus in the preschool program so it is coed.  Classes begin with a period of stretching, body positioning, animal walks and other fun games that improve flexibility, strength and control.  A progression of tumbling skills, beginning with a simple log roll and culminating with handstands and cartwheels is planned for every student, at their own development rate.  Every child will also learn a progression of skills on the horizontal bar, vault and floor beam, increasing their body awareness, balance and strength.  We also teach sportsmanship; cheering for your peers.  And the kids learn social skills like waiting in line for their turn... and how a line works.

Gender specific

About the time children enter the first grade (age 6) it's time to separate them and begin work on gender-specific apparatus.  Girls work on four events, boys work on six.  These are our General Girls and General Boys gymnastics classes.  Every class begins with stretching, followed by strength and flexibility conditioning.  Then the coach works with each child to develop a progression of skills across the apparatus spectrum for their gender.  These skills, of course, take time to develop.


At some point a child may have the interest and talent to become part of a competitive team.  When this happens it is time for the coach, parent and child to have a discussion.  Joining the team means more hours in the gym.  It requires a team uniform and travel to meet sites.  It's a family affair and a family decision.

Please note that it requires the review and approval of our head coach to move a child from a general class into the team program.  We are looking for a combination of skills, a sportsmanlike attitude and family support.  Welcome to gymnastics.

Gender specific apparatus


  • uneven bars
  • balance beam
  • floor
  • vault


  • pommel horse
  • parallel bars
  • horizontal bar
  • still rings
  • floor
  • vault